Product design and development

Our six-step method provides a turnkey design and development process for electronic, mechanical and software products, taking you on a journey from concept to product realisation in an fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Specification Development

Product consulting begins with reviewing your concept against the latest innovations and technology available to ensure we deliver a market-leading product.

Compliance Review

Identifying the standards and industrial testing requirements relevant to the product to ensure it is safe to enter the market.

Detailed design

Creation of the technical file, calculations, schematics, component selection, PCB layouts, software and mechanical drawings to an industry standard, ready for manufacturing.


Tooling up to produce a small batch of pre-production prototypes for review and testing.

Product Testing

Submitting the pre-production prototypes for compliance and operational testing.

Manufacturing handover

Guaranteeing a smooth transition as we work with a contract manufacturer to ramp up production volumes.

pcb assembly


Electronic compliance testing

CE safety compliance • consumer goods • IT equipment and appliances • medical devices

Embedded electronics

Firmware • communications protocols • cloud-connected and IoT devices

Precision measurements

Analogue electronics • mixed signal • sensors • sensor development

Power electronics

Battery power systems • inverters and converters • software-defined power supplies

Manufacturing services

PCB manufacturing and assembly services • rapid prototyping

Manufacturing consultants

Cost-down • design for manufacture • CMO transfer • production scale-up

Intellectual property services

Patent review • IP landscaping • technology roadmap