Industry 4.0 consulting services

In today’s digital age, traditional control systems are often not as effective as they could be. With Industry 4.0, we can enable automation and data exchange in monitoring and control applications, revolutionising the way these systems operate. This technology allows us to deliver you better end-to-end value in control, automation and monitoring applications. We achieve this through harnessing technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, distributed processing and artificial intelligence.

We help you assess and establish a digital product roadmap aligned with your 4.0 objectives

Real-Time Data

We have developed connected control systems that reside both onshore and offshore to a secure data transmission service ensuring you can monitor your assets performance from anywhere.

Sensor Integration

Using aggregated data from off-the-shelf or bespoke sensors to generate a complete picture of how an asset is operating.

Data Realisation

Helping you to extract value from the data by combining multiple sources, developing bespoke processing algorithms and displaying the results on a user-friendly platform.

Advanced Control

Improving traditional loop control by using AI/machine-learning algorithms, ensuring optimum asset performance.

Condition Monitoring

Complete solutions for monitoring the performance of critical assets, allowing for a reduced head count, increased proactive maintenance and improved operational yield.

Control systems at work


Embedded electronics

Real-time telemetry • high-speed data acquisition • communications protocols • cloud-connected systems

Precision measurements

Analogue electronics • mixed signal • sensors • sensor development

Electronics compliance testing


Power electronics

Inverters and convertersb • variable speed/frequency drives • cable selection • thermal management

Manufacturing services

Box builds • control cabinet assembly