Blue Lightning Solutions is a team of skilled and experienced electronics consultants, specialising in productisation and Industry 4.0.

Working with businesses in a wide range of industries, including fast-moving consumer goods, oil and gas, renewables and many more, we offer technology and electronics consulting services to support a variety of projects.

Based in Cambridgeshire, we work with clients around the UK and further afield, providing support with electronics design, development, and innovation. Our experienced team of engineering consultants is ready and waiting to help deliver your next electronics project.

To find out more about our technology and electronics consultancy services, productisation services, or Industry 4.0 solutions, or to discuss your next project, please get in touch. We’re ready and waiting to help.

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Our productisation services allow us to quickly move your idea from concept to production-ready design, ensuring it is set up for volume manufacturing.

With years of consultancy experience behind us, we are experts at quickly understanding your innovation and the requirements of your industry.

Our consultants will work closely alongside you at all stages of the development process, taking early concept designs and developing them into fully functional prototypes, before preparing them for initial manufacturing runs.

Finally, we carefully manage the handover to your chosen contract manufacturers, ready for volume production.

At every stage of the process, we keep your end goal in mind, ensuring we keep costs low and deliver results on time and on budget, so you can achieve maximum profitability.

Detailed Design

Understanding all aspects and details of your concept and designing an optimum solution for production

Cost Down

Cost-optimizing your product to ensure you are able to achieve maximum profitability

Compliance Testing

Ensuring your product is compliant with the relevant standards and submitted to the correct testing bodies for certification

Manufacturing Handover

Helping you engage with the right manufacturing partners to ensure a smooth ramp up to production volumes

We also work with many industries to deliver Industry 4.0 solutions.

We look to innovate on existing control systems to design next-generation control and monitoring solutions that are right for your business. By harnessing the power of cloud computing, IoT and artificial intelligence, we enable automation and data exchange.

Our consultants will work closely with you to develop your strategy and a business case for your solution. We then work to deploy pilot systems to prove the value to your business and further refine the strategy. Throughout the process, we maintain close communication with you, ensuring you’re informed and involved every step of the way. Combining this with change management, we can help your business realise the value of your Industry 4.0 strategy and deploy it on a larger scale.


Data Realisation

Combining data from multiple sources and analysing it using custom algorithms to provide detailed system insights

Advanced Control

Using the latest in AI and machine-learning algorithms to control and monitor assets

Real-Time Data

Secure capture and transmission of data to monitoring applications in real time

Custom Sensors

Developing and integrating custom sensors for monitoring systems with non-industry standard outputs


We have an experienced leadership team of engineers ready to help with your project

tristan huges


Tristan is a digital electronics, embedded software, sensor design and high-volume manufacturing specialist. He has worked for companies including ARM, TT Electronics, PA Consulting and Fluor, covering industries such as fast-moving consumer goods and industrial control as well as oil and gas.



James is an analogue and power electronics specialist with significant experience in designing for EMC and CE compliance. He has worked for companies including Schlumberger, BAE Systems, WPC and PA Consulting, covering industries such as oil and gas and fast-moving consumer goods.

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